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PH 330:  Calculating the Cost/Comfort Equation (Part 9 Buildings)

September 30, 2020 @ 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Join this webinar, offered by Passive House Canada, and explore the costs and comforts of building and living in a Passive House. The math is simple: cost to build – running costs + comfort and health = customer satisfaction


This webinar will look at the detail cost breakdowns of several completed Passive houses (Part 9) as well as their long-term running costs. The class will also look as some of the less tangible measures such as air quality and health outcomes of those living in passive homes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of which parts of a passive home cost more and which cost less
  • Have an understanding of some of the health benefits of high performance buildings
  • Be able to articulate the above to others


Budget case study review house  1 – 20 mins
Green Point Project: living building, Net positive, Passive House

  • Really quick overview of the project
  • Cost review where we spent more where we spent less.

Budget case study review house 2 – 20 mins
Wilson and May St: Net zero, Passive House

  • Really quick overview of the project
  • Cost review where we spent more where we spent less.

Long term case study review house – 40 mins
Bernhardt Passive House: Net zero, Passive House

7 years of running data is now available – did it work?

  • Budget and cost at the time review where we spent more where we spent less – this was now some time ago so will be out of date but will be relevant to the running cost discussion
  • A look at the comfort data, in particular CO2 and other health indicators

Questions – 10 mins

Recommended for

  • Passive House Designers and Consultants
  • Builders, architects, architectural technologist and engineers
  • Building officials and planners
  • Trades
  • Students
  • Anyone interested in the subject

Prerequisites/required knowledge

There are no prerequisites

More Information and Registration

Visit the webinar website.