This website offers a range of resources to help you understand and apply the BC Energy Step Code – in your community and to your projects. Here’s what’s available.


Content of interest to specific site users:

  • Resources for Local Governments
    • Find the Best Practices Guide, info about the Peer Networks, a PowerPoint about the BC Energy Step Code, and the BC Energy Step Code notification forms
  • Resources for Industry
    • Features a range of BC Housing builder guides and information about LEEP – Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships
  • Resources for Home Owners
    • Offers content for consumers interested in improving energy efficiency in their homes


General content of interest to all:

  • BC Energy Step Code Requirements
    • Provides the BC Building Code requirements for the BC Energy Step Code, Code convenience  copies, and the City of Vancouver Energy Modelling Guidelines
  • Compliance Tools for Part 3 Buildings
    • Links to the Part 3 Energy Design Report, a voluntary Excel-based tool  energy modellers and design professionals can use as a checklist to submit to local government authorities to verify compliance with the BC Energy Step Code
  • Compliance Tools for Part 9 Buildings
    • Links to the BC Energy Compliance Reports – Performance Paths for Part 9 Buildings, and the Mid-Construction Verification Report
  • Case Studies
    • Find out how and why builders and communities are using B.C.’s  new energy-performance building standard
  • Energy Advisors
    • Explains what Energy Advisors and energy modellers are and do, and how to find an Energy Advisor for your building project
  • Events Calendar
    • Lists upcoming workshops, conferences, courses and other BC Energy Step Code learning opportunities
  • Implementation Updates
    • Find out which local governments are consulting on or referencing the BC Energy Step Code
  • Incentive Programs
    • Learn about incentive programs and other assistance available when building or renovating residential and commercial construction projects
  • Publications
    • Offers guides and handbooks, BC Energy Step Code bulletins, reports and the BC Energy Step Code Brand Handbook
  • Training Opportunities
    • Features links to just some of the organizations and training institutions developing programs and courses to teach the skills and strategies needed to build more energy-efficient buildings
  • Videos


Page last updated: August 20, 2020.