For questions about the BC Energy Step Code or to contact the Energy Step Code Council, please email the Province’s Building and Safety Standards Branch. We’ll be in touch as quickly as we can.

About the Building and Safety Standards Branch

The Building and Safety Standards Branch is part of the Ministry of Housing.

The Building and Safety Standards Branch is responsible for:

  • The Building Act and building regulations such as the BC Building Code
  • Legislation, regulations, and standards related to residential builders (e.g., Homeowner Protection Act and regulation) and safety standards (e.g., Safety Standards Act)
  • Technical regulations for safety systems, including electrical, gas, boiler, elevating, amusement devices, passenger rope ways and railways technologies

The Branch regularly liaises with both BC Housing’s Licensing & Consumer Services and Technical Safety BC, and works with them when legislative and/or regulatory amendments are needed.

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Page last updated: February 23, 2023.