Part 3 Energy Design Report (beta)

The Part 3 Energy Design Report is a voluntary Excel-based tool that can be used by energy modellers and design professionals as a checklist and submitted to local government authorities to verify compliance with the BC Energy Step Code.

The tool gives industry and local authorities a consistent way to gather and review modelled energy performance characteristics of Part 3 Step Code buildings at both the pre-construction and as-built stages in a similar way to the Part 9 Energy Compliance Reports, but tailored to the energy performance characteristics of larger buildings.

Unlike the Part 9 Energy Compliance Reports, the Part 3 Report can be used with any version of the BC Energy Step Code (which forms part of the BC Building Code).


The Part 3 Energy Design Report is for buildings containing major occupancies complying with Subsection 10.2.3. of the BC Building Code. It is intended to capture the requirements of Articles and of Division C of the BC Building Code, as well as local government bylaw requirements for energy use and emissions reductions in buildings. Portions of the building that are subject to Subsection or (b) of Division B of the BC Building Code should also be included in the report.

The form should not be used for projects complying entirely under Subsection or (b) of Division B of the BC Building Code.

When and How to Use the Report

Instructions are contained in the report. Not all sections apply to all buildings, so read the instructions carefully. This report may be used for any of the development review stages of larger buildings:

  • Pre-Application or Application
  • Rezoning Application
  • Development Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Occupancy Permit

To demonstrate compliance with the BC Energy Step Code, information must be submitted at

  • The Building Permit stage, showing the ‘As Designed’ results
  • The Occupancy Permit stage, showing the ‘As Built’ results

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) may request the report at other development review stages. Using the same report for different  stages makes it easier for those who prepare the reports and those who review them.

Download the Beta Version of the Design Report

Please send user feedback to the Building and Safety Standards Branch at for consideration in future revisions.

Learn to Use the Report

The Building and Safety Standards Branch is coordinating free webinars to help users of the report.

  • Webinar #1 is tailored for building energy modellers and will be offered twice
    • The webinar will summarize the features of the checklist and how to complete it
    • First webinar is July 30, 2020
    • Second webinar is September 23, 2020
    • A recorded version and tip sheet will be available if you miss the live sessions
  • Webinar #2 is tailored for local government staff and will be offered once
    • The webinar will summarize how to  review the completed checklist to confirm that the modelled level of performance has been met, and how to review the completed checklist for purposes of compliance
    • Webinar is August 27, 2020
  • Visit the Events Calendar to learn more and register

Page last updated: September 28, 2020.