Sharing stories of how and why builders and communities are using British Columbia’s new energy-performance building standard.

Case studies are produced by Energy Step Code Council member organizations and partners:

Community Energy Association

Visit the Community Energy Association’s Building a Legacy website for more case studies and videos.

Community Energy Managers Network

The Network produced this original five-part series to provide “real-world” examples of Part 9 homes that deliver Step 3 or 4 with a construction cost premium of between zero and 4 percent. Remember six strategies:

  1. Boost insulation: Increase insulation in walls, floors, roof, and foundation
  2. Ventilate smartly: Bring fresh air into the home and recover heat from the exhaust air
  3. Mind your machines: Choose efficient appliances, and ensure your heating system will meet — but not exceed — the home’s needs
  4. Minimize thermal bridges:  Take care with corners, junctions, gaps and studs to keep heat in
  5. Seal it up: Air leaks are heat leaks. Wrap the home tightly, taking care to seal around ducts, pipes, fixtures, and wires that pass through walls, ceilings, and roof
  6. Think about doors and windows: Carefully consider their energy performance, size, and location

Series overview: Part 9 buildings

Campbell River


FortisBC, in partnership with ICF, has developed a new series of case studies featuring a common thread: Dial in your building envelope and engage the project team early, including your energy advisor.

Township of Langley

Zero Emissions Building Exchange

  • 825 Pacific Street
    • This seven-storey, all-electric art-studio building meets the stringent Passive House standard and is currently the tallest Passive House building in Vancouver
  • Carrington View
    • Carrington View is a three-building, 186-unit rental apartment complex
      located in West Kelowna built to Step 4 of the Step Code
  • Peatt Commons West
    • A Step 4, Part 3 purpose-built rental building in Langford, B.C.
    • Provides the local community with affordable, condo-quality, energy-efficient rental housing while minimizing the overall carbon footprint of the development
  • Skeena Residence
    • A six-storey, Part 3 Passive House student residence
    • Built on the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus
    • The development, design and construction team united early in the design stage to meet the project’s sustainability and Passive House goals

Last Updated: September 7, 2021.