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2018 Metrics Update: Now Approved

The  changes described here as the ‘2018 Metrics Update’ were approved with minor modifications and took effect December 10, 2018 when the 2018 BC Building Code came into effect. They are part of Revision 1 of the 2018 BC Building Code.

2018 Metrics Update

At its September 19, 2018 meeting, the members of the Energy Step Code Council endorsed the following proposed changes to the BC Energy Step Code metrics, for consideration by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.


The Energy Step Code Council is recommending a number of extensions and minor improvements to the BC Energy Step Code that will allow more communities to participate in the transition to net-zero energy ready buildings. Collectively, we refer to these proposed changes as the 2018 Metrics Update.

At a high level, the 2018 Metrics Update aims to accomplish three goals:

  • It will ensure builders can reach the Upper Steps — Steps 4 and 5 for homes and other simple buildings — in colder climates.
  • It will correct a part of the standard in which certain large single-detached homes could potentially use more energy than those built to the minimum requirements of the BC Building Code.
  • It will make the BC Energy Step Code available to communities outside southwestern BC that may wish to use it to incentivize and/or require larger and more complex high-performance buildings.

The 2018 Metrics Update is just that—an update. The fundamentals of the regulation remain unchanged. We’ve heard loud and clear that industry needs predictability and consistency. This update is part of our commitment to supporting communities and builders who want to put the standard to work. It will make the BC Energy Step Code easier to implement and more widely available.

The Council prepared a summary document (PDF) that outlines the changes and their anticipated impacts on stakeholders. Eight companion documents (available below) provide details of the proposed changes for Part 3 and Part 9 buildings for each Climate Zone.

A full costing analysis of the proposed changes is available in an updated 2018 Metrics Research Report from BC Housing.

If adopted, these recommendations would likely take effect in December.

2018 Metrics Update Summary

Changes Applicable to Part 3 Buildings: Effective Dec. 10, 2018

Changes Applicable to Part 9 Buildings: Effective Dec. 10, 2018

2018 Metrics Research Report

  • The updated 2018 Metrics Research Report provides a full analysis of the technical and financial implications of the proposed 2018 Metrics Update

Last Updated: February 19, 2019.